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Product Range

Electrical/Electronic Tapes

'ISI' FR Electrical Insulation Tapes and PVC Insulation Tapes

Rayon, Polyester, NWP Cotton, Fibre Glass, Mica, Craft Paper, Crepe Tape

HT Rubber Tapes (above 11 KV) Carbon Tapes

Semi Conducting, Rubberised Cotton Tapes, Non Adhesive PVC, RP & Polyester Tapes

Polyimide Tapes

D. Side Polyester, Rubber Cushion Tapes

PTFE, Silicon - Tapes, Cloth, Sleeves

Belting Tapes

Automotive Tapes

: PVC Adhesive, Non Adhesive Tapes

D. Sided Polyester, Cotton, Tissue Tapes

Foam Tapes with various varieties, densities, EPR, EPDM PU, Neoprene, Cross Linked

Adhesive Tapes

Industrial Tapes

Double Sided Tapes

                                   Packaging Tapes

Surface Protection Films/Tapes

Filament Tapes

Highbond Fibres Seals (HBFS) Tapes

Foils & Tamper Evident Stickers

Security Seals

Construction Tapes


Glass Etching, Lamination Films/Tapes

Copper Tapes Floor Marking

Pipe Wrapping Tapes

Foam Tapes

Masking Tapes

Fibre Glass Cloths

Rubber Butyl Tapes

Shuttering Sealing Tapes

Garments/Fabrics/Ribbon Tapes

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric


Polyester Webbing Tapes

Woven & Non Woven, Water Soluble Papers

NYLON, Rayon Tafeta

Reflective Tapes

Gummed Velcro Tapes with male & female attachment

Hot Melt Seam Tapes

Shoes/Leather Industries Tapes

Aluminium Tapes

Nylon & Nwp Cotton Tapes

Eyelet Tapes

(non-tearable) a non woven tape/fabric

Reflective Tapes

D.S. Tissue Tapes

Lamination/Photo Tapes

Lamination Films

SC Tapes

Copper Tapes

Photo Splicing Tapes

Industrial Tapes

Aluminium Tapes

Duct Tapes

Filament Tapes

Floor Marking Tapes

Anti Slippery Tapes

Barricade Tapes

Nonwoven Tapes

Paper & Printing Tapes

Cellophane, Lithographic Tapes

Double Sided Cotton, Polyester Tapes

Double Sided Tissue Papers

Application Papers & Polyester Tapes

Horizon of Our Products

The clients of our company are spread through the length and breadth of India as well as throughout the global platform including the major brands like NITTO, PERMACEL, 3M, TESA. It deals with various types of big and small industries, govt. houses, institutions, and much more. The diverse applications served by our products include Packaging, Gasket, Holding Objects, Anti-Vibration, Cushion, Holding Objects for Lamination, Glass Sheet Separators, Die Cut Jobs, Handicrafts, Spacers, Decoration Holdings, Light Objects, etc. Other than that we also export a range of specialised tapes such as Rubber Butyl Tapes & Rubber Cushion Tapes etc. Extraordinary background in preparing premium-quality Rubber Butyl Tapes which feature airtightness, great adhesiveness, tremendous bonding, lower temperature resistivity, so widely used in the application for sealing the waterproof and damping materials as well as airtight joints.


We have advanced the infrastructural arrangement, laced with all supporting technology and machinery, further bolstered by dedicated and efficient workforce that has always been great strength and asset of the company. Our production set-up, outfitted with advanced technology with regard to Kneading, Mixing, Extruding, Molding empowers us to manufacture premium-quality Rubber Butyl Tapes. We have a dedicated R&D team that is engaged in devising the way to effect the excellence in manufacturing process and product development. Our resources are an extraordinary contributor to entire processing operations from production to quality control.    


Quality here is a buzzword that takes precedence over all other attributes. Therefore, the products like Rubber Butyl Tapes offered by Adhiraj Sons comply with premium standards. We have appointed a discrete team for monitoring, controlling, enhancing the quality in the conducive environment that eliminates every scope of production flaw and quality degradation. Further, the entire final range pass through a series of tests and inspections      

Our Objectives

Our firm is guided by the following objectives:

  • Reduction and control of input costs
  • Elimination of rejection and rework
  • Up-gradation of company's resources to meet customer's ever changing expectations
  • On-time delivery of consignment at the leading prices  

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